The Bands

Rick Ruiz

Alpine singer Rick Ruiz is a true West Texas phenom. When you hear his soaring vocals echoing along the mountain tops you know there is a celebration somewhere in the valley. His Spanish influenced American take on what ever he sings brings to mind legends like Freddie Fender, Santana and Marty Robbins. And Tony Lujan is the very definition of West Texas lead guitar.

Bryon Garrison and the RainMakers

Founded in 2013 in Alpine Texas this group features guitarist Pete Westfall, drummer Destiny Cross, Anthony Ray Wright, saxophonist Al Haney and Texas crooner Bryon Wayne Garrison. Their songs include Meet me in Presidio, Everything in Alpine is One Way and I Don’t Quite Have the Blues. Get your tickets now!

Neil Trammell and the Doodlin’ Hogwallops

Honky Tonk Music at its best. This West Texas Band has been entertaining West Texas crowds at festivals, bars, clubs and your local desert and ranchero for over a decade and will close out the Bandana Fest on July 11, 2020. Get your tickets now!